We’ve developed a set of guidelines for our dance floors. Their intention is to shape a space that’s inclusive, safer, and focused on dancing.

  • Our events are pretty sober – comes as you are but stay sober during the event.
    (This one might be beyond our control in clubs / at festivals)
  • The dance floor is for dancing – keep drinks, phones, and conversations to the sides of the space.
  • Good air – no smoking indoors or on the dance floor.
  • Photos – we’re not dogmatic about this but as a general rule of thumb: just put away your phone.
  • Consent – dancing together is welcomed, not wanting to likewise. Take it slow when moving into contact.
    If you don’t feel a clear YES, it’s either a NO or a NOT NOW.

The last one is not a rule, but a big recommendation:

  • Stay on the dance floor from beginning till end. If you get tired, stay. If you don’t like a song, stay.
    (We’re not going to explain why – it’s just a recommendation from our experience.)